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Unions at UPS

UPS has been a proud union company for more than 80 years, working successfully with the unions representing our employees since UPS Founder Jim Casey recognized the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) in the early 1930s.

With about 260,000 Teamster-represented union employees, UPS is the largest employer of Teamsters in the U.S. In fact, UPS has been a leading growth engine for the union – even as private sector union membership has declined across the U.S. The number of UPS employees represented by the IBT increased by 42,000 in the past five years thanks to business growth, increasing package volume and a growing focus on e-commerce.

UPS’s current negotiations with the IBT cover two main contracts – or master agreements.

  • Part-time and full-time employees in our small package operation (covering approximately 250,000 employees)
  • Employees at UPS Freight, our over-the-road, Less-Than-Truckload company (covering approximately 11,000 employees)

In addition to these master agreements, there are supplemental agreements that are negotiated with union locals around the country to address local topics.

There are two IBT locals – 705 and 710 in the Chicago area – that cover small package workers, but they negotiate their contracts separately from the NMA.

We support our employees’ right to maintain union membership and believe these contract negotiations are an opportunity to bargain in good-faith with the labor union to reward our people for their hard work, as well as address the competitive challenges in our industry today.

In addition to the Teamster contracts covering our UPS Freight and small package employees, UPS works with other unions representing employees across our U.S. network, including:

  • The International Association of Machinists: 5,000 mechanics at UPS and UPS Freight.
  • Independent Pilots Association: 2,800 pilots
  • Teamsters Local 2727: 1,300 airline mechanics
  • Transport Workers Union: 75 flight dispatchers