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Key Facts About the Small Package Tentative Agreement

UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters recently announced a tentative agreement for small package employees. The Teamsters have provided the full small package agreement to its members to review before voting begins. Here are some of the facts you should know.

UPS employees interested in learning more about the tentative agreement and the voting process should visit and UPSGo for additional information.

Job Growth

UPS committed to create at least 5,000 new full-time jobs during the 5-year period of the agreement. Additionally, the company has committed to allow part-time employees opportunities to fill at least 20,000 full-time jobs during the next five years.

Full-time Pay

There will be General Wage Increases (GWIs) totaling $4.15 an hour over the life of the contract. Additionally, full-time starting rates and progression rates were increased substantially.

Teamster-represented small package mechanics also will receive improved pay and shortened progression.

Part-time Pay

The part-time starting rate will increase 30% above the current contractual starting rate from $10 to $13 an hour, which will increase each year until it reaches $15.50 an hour by the end of the contract. All current Teamster-represented, part-time UPS employees will make as much or more than new part-time employees, depending on their seniority with the company.

UPS has reduced the waiting period for healthcare benefits from 12 months to nine months for part-time employees and their spouses and dependents, unless there is a shorter waiting period in their local supplement.

Combination Drivers

The new combination driver position is different from – and should not be confused with – a Regular Package Car Driver (RPCD). To meet the demands of increased e-commerce and weekend deliveries, and existing drivers’ requests to move back to a Monday through Friday work schedule, Combination Driver roles will be established. Combination Driver responsibilities may include both inside operations work, as well as delivering packages on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule.

Health & Welfare and Pension Contributions

UPS will contribute an additional $1 per hour each year during the life of the agreement – over and above what it currently contributes. This equals additional contributions of $15,600 for part-time employees and $31,200 for full-time employees over the life of the contract.


The union will maintain the list of package drivers requesting no more than 9.5 daily hours, and there will be two five-month periods each year during which drivers can add their names to the list by contacting the designated union representative. Drivers will also have the right to add or remove their names from the list at any time with one week’s notice to UPS.


There is stronger grievance language for harassment, enabling monetary penalties of up to three times the employee’s daily guarantee.

Please check this website regularly as a source for factual, timely information about the negotiations.

August 13, 2018