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UPS Freight Members Vote On Offer; UPS Begins Notifying Customers

UPS and the Teamsters Freight National Bargaining Committee concluded the current round of discussions on Thursday, October 25. The IBT has conducted two-person committees with each local and a conference call for its members to review changes Thursday, November 1. A union-hall vote, in which employees will go to their local union hall to cast ballots, is expected to take place November 7 – 11.

UPS made an offer that rewards our employees with wages and benefits at the top of the industry and compensates them for their contributions to the company’s success.

We are disappointed that Freight Teamsters union leaders have chosen to announce the potential for a work stoppage. The company must now begin discussions with UPS Freight customers to inform them of the potential for service disruption and the need to consider alternative arrangements prior to November 9. This is to ensure we maintain service to our customers.

Because we do not have a guarantee against a work stoppage, we cannot afford to put our customers’ volume at risk. The last days for pickup will be as follows:

  • Thursday, November 1 for 5-day shipping commitments
  • Friday, November 2 for 4- day shipping commitments
  • Monday, November 5 for 3-day shipping commitments
  • Tuesday, November 6 for 2-day shipping commitments
  • Wednesday, November 7 for 1-day shipping commitments

The UPS Small Package National Master Agreement (NMA) has been ratified. Customers can remain confident UPS is ready to continue to serve its small package customers throughout the holiday season and beyond.

This website will remain a source for factual, timely information about negotiations so please check back regularly for updates.

November 1, 2018